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COLOUR COLLECTION No.1 Our first collection was developed as a simple collection of ‘colours for cupboards’ to reflect something of the downstairs world of the 1900’s. A palette of twelve, diverse but inherently English colours, take inspiration from the now almost forgotten everyday shades of the 20th century. This collection was put together by Adam Bray & Sue Skeen.

1. Scullery Latch

A chalky sky blue, with a wrought iron soundtrack, which chimes with the clink of clean china.

2. Starched Apron

The uniform shade of blue cotton drill, perfectly pressed, for all the chores of a working day.

3. Inky Nib

The deepest ‘Quinky’ blue black, to be found in the housekeepers ledger.

4. Coal Scuttle

This discreet dark basic sits comfortably against all shades, materials and textures.

5. Pretty Pickle

A pure vegetal green, with a sharp acidic burst, to brighten up any mellow mood.

6. Dripping Tap

Nature has a way of enhancing the mundane. This oxidised green sets off a patinated brass tap beautifully.

7. Army Camp

A robust and hard working green, inspired by waxy, time worn, tarpaulins and tents.

8. Draughty Passage

The cool stone slabs, polished by the years of slippered feet, lead us to this timeless neutral shade.

9. Rusty Nail

A bright utilitarian red, a small but visible beacon, on a rain beaten bench.

10. Woollen Flump

The gentlest of brownish backdrop hues, offering a cosy warm feel and soft landings should you fall.

11. Rice Pudding

A subtle caramelised milky shade of that slowly baked comfort food, straight from the Aga.

12. Boiled Dishcloth

A timeworn and trusty neutral, boiled well to be rid of all odours and detritus.