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A butler’s pantry or scullery is a service room between a kitchen and a dining room. Typically, a butler’s pantry is equipped with counters, a sink, and storage space for china and silver. A scullery, on the other hand, is usually a small room or part of a kitchen where washing up and food preparation can be done. A custom design of both a butler’s pantry and scullery offers to extend the kitchen with specific functionalities different from the activities of the main room. A butler’s pantry can include glazed or closed cupboards and provide a beautiful and useful way to store the essentials of table setting and entertaining. A scullery almost always incorporates water as part of the layout and design making it both a pre-prep and post-meal work area. As we begin a project, our designers take into account the general layout of all the rooms and how a client lives to effectively suggest which areas might be the most suitable for different applications.

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