Large, multi-paned internal glazed screens and doors offer functional lighting to adjoining rooms during the day, as historically used in the below-stairs kitchens of grand English houses. Bespoke wooden framed screens and doors with proportioned glass panes are used frequently in Plain English projects as a way to create discrete spaces ‘within’ spaces across all of the areas and rooms of the house that we work in. Our bespoke glazed screens and doors are based on this simple, historical, and effective way to divide and bring borrowed light into an area that might otherwise be internal. Known for incorporating these practical dividers into our projects, they are ideal for use in an array of indoor spaces and open-plan layouts helping to create individual areas without making the space feel small. Glazed screens and doors, with clear or fluted glass, are suited to our design work in larders, pantries, sculleries, butler’s pantries, home offices and libraries, laundries, bathrooms, pool houses, and bars.

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