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Home offices and library rooms share many similarities, often places of work or study, they frequently require an open workspace and storage in the form of bookshelves and cupboards. Traditionally, a library is a place set apart to store books, materials, and everything associated with reading. Historically, the study of a house was reserved for use as a private office, and today that is now called a home office. Today’s open-plan living has given rise to the idea of creating discrete work areas or home offices that are technically separate from the more open areas of the house but still within the site or range of the activities happening all around. Our glazed screens are often used in these designs, allowing for light and visibility, while creating distinct spaces and areas for work. Libraries often claim book storage as their primary function so our work on these room designs is bespoke by nature. Blending book storage into a kitchen layout is an obvious additional element for cookbooks, keeping them close to hand.

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