Traditionally, Larders and Pantries are small rooms or closets where food, dishes, and utensils are kept.

A staple in many Plain English projects, a custom larder or pantry can serve as a multi-functional space adjacent to a kitchen. Historically they were quite different things; a larder was often a cool area for the storage of foods that needed a lower temperature while a pantry was originally used to store bread, named for the French ‘‘pain”. A Plain English larder can be designed with a custom use in mind – as a breakfast cupboard where there is a dedicated space for the juicer, toaster, and coffee maker. Once the morning activity is over, the doors close and it all gets ‘put away’ until the next morning. Or a larder can be made more general, as a place to stow all the cans, packets, and bottles that require easy access but enjoy a separate area from the regular kitchen. A pantry often indicates a larger space in our projects; they can be walked up to, with no doors, or be rooms you step into, behind solid doors, or with our glazed screens to take advantage of borrowed light as both decorative and functional extensions of the main kitchen.

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