A useful vestibule or other area in a house, a mudroom is frequently located at an entrance, in which wet and muddy clothes or footwear are removed. A custom mudroom design is a popular space to continue the Plain English visual language in a project, often in a simpler iteration. With a need to be highly functional and often flexible too, the design process might include the discovery of the types of storage required, for example, open vs closed, hooks, shelves, etc, as well as a deep look at the materiality of the space. Conditions of moisture and possibly muddy boots and shoes, sports equipment, dogs, leashes, and school backpacks, this room, as the name implies must be able to withstand heavy use. If space allows, a washing-up sink or area for dealing with muddy paws makes a welcome addition. Mudrooms sometimes morph into or do double duty as garden rooms or flower rooms and many of the same design considerations exist — storage, materials, and surfaces all enter the conversation.

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