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New York Apartment The city retreat for chefs who wanted a kitchen to come home to that felt warm and inviting, but could also function at a high level. A graceful Spitalfields kitchen, with detailed Folgate doors takes into account the architectural proportions of this West Village flat, Painted in Plain English ‘Boiled Dishcloth’ marble worktops balance the pale paint with the dark wooden floors. Hand-cast brass handles, Georgian in style, pair with knobs of the same material, selected to work seamlessly with the hinges and the wall mounted brass taps. To the right of the sink area, a design that feels like a dresser, but acts as proper storage, creating an area to mix a drink, get a coffee or stack plates and glassware ready to set the table. Plain English ‘Rusty Nail’ accents several areas, including the foyer’s bench seat and shelf and peg rail.

Read more about this project in Architectural Digest.

Soho Factory

Brooklyn Townhouse

Kitchen at Howe Pimlico

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