Hampstead Townhouse Elegant detail pervades this generous kitchen. Plain English ‘Mouldy Plum’ drenches Spitalfields cupboards and antique brass cup handles combined with swan-neck drop handles, sit comfortably beneath Bianco Eclipsia worktops. Line and proportion are explored with simple shelves that might hold a favourite piece of pottery or oft-used spices. The island, placed in the stream of natural light, accommodates the sink and dishwasher and also offers deep, wide drawers with a fine Quirk detail. Relaxed brunches and simple, daily prep tasks take place above the central cupboards while open shelves below provide easy-to-access storage for culinary inspiration or tableware, as the occasion suggests. Hand painted in Plain English ‘Burnt Toast’ to complement the glazed screen and doorway leading through to the boot-room and a busy, active pantry is painted in cheering Plain English ‘Boiled Egg’.

Venn House

North London Townhouse

Brooklyn Townhouse